ITF Global Mariner project

1998: Pinguin wins contract for large scale project:

Design and realisation of mobile exhibition media techniques for a world wide ITF campaign against substandard shipping.

Starting on January 7th, 1998, the International Transport Workers Federation (supported by the British transport minister Glenda Jackson) sent an exhibition ship from London on a 18 month campaign around the world.

The "Global Mariner" was a converted 160 m long cargo vessel with a clear political message. The whole misery of "Flag-of-Convience" and the results of substandard shipping were demonstrated dramatically in the ship's 7 giant, 400 m2 holds, partly 10 m height.
Severel films and special surrounding background sounds had to be made. Pinguin was responsible for the technical concept and delivering of all media systems used in the 18 month mobile exhibition, including:

  • custom designed surround sound system
  • lighting system
  • video (7 large sacale video beamers)
  • sound design (Sabine Worthman & Ralph Kessler)
  • acoustics in one hold (for speech and music)

Supported by great logistic in-house experts Pinguin and its well tuned network of Hamburgs best media installation and acoustic companies could realise the whole fitting within 2 weeks in Bremens "Freihafen" ("free harbour").

See some pictures from the preparation process:

And from the tour:

ITF Expo DVD Production

Creation of ground-breaking DVD" concept for the Expo 2000

Over 20 month an onboard film crew did shoot the highlights of the Global Mariners campaign. They created 35 short documentaries about the voyage showing the campaigns political actions, visitors feedback and impressions. From this base material Pinguin created the interactive DVD concept, realised it and delivered also the electronic gear for the 4 touch screen stations at the ITF booth of the EXPO2000 in Hannover, Germany. The DVD service included
  • video editing
  • speech recording for audio comments in 2 languages
  • subtitles in 2 languages
  • background music selection
  • sound design & mixing
  • DVD authoring and creation of 4 master DVDs