Loudness Server
Loudness Viewer
The Pinguin LdnServer is a tool which can write information from the PG-AMM logging system to a file. He can be used for long time logging even for weeks or month. Currently one can log True Peak, QPPM and ITU Loudness. The ITU Loudness is logged in a special format, which makes it possible to recalculate EBU R128  LU and LRA values later in the loudness viewer.
The Loudness Server will create a new file for every day, where one can determine LU and LRA for each time span later in the integrated Loudness Viewer. Currently  he can log up to 8 channels, but there are plans to extend that to  a 16 channel system (depending on hardware).
The LdnViewer is also available as a separate, free stand alone version, so you can analyze the logs without having to install the server.
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Pinguin Loudness Server
The Loudness Server is part of the PG-AMM System