Stereo Surround Enterprise
Max. instruments 8 8 20
PPM Meter Yes No Yes
PPM 5.1 No Yes Yes
PPM 8 No No Yes
Correlation Yes Yes Yes
Gonio Meter Yes No Yes
FFT Analyzer Yes No Yes
RTA Analyzer Yes Yes Yes
Spectral View Yes No Yes
LDN Meter Yes Yes Yes
EBU Loudness Yes Yes Yes
Surround Locator No Yes Yes
LDN Server No No Yes
LDN Logging No No Yes
EBU Integrated No No Yes
LEQ Numeric No No Yes
Professional multifunctional audio metering software for recording, mastering and any kind of audio processing.
All necessary tools to control your work in one package.
Innovative new instruments for loudness and surround positioning.
Free configurable.
Free routing of available audio channels(max. 64).
Any combination of instruments up to max(depends on version, see below).
Unlimited workspaces.
Display range up to -144 dB.
Available for XP/Vista/Windows7 and OSX 10.4 and above.
Supports MME, ASIO on Windows, CoreAudio on MAC
PG-AMM is available in 3 different versions.
PPM 5.1
Gonio Meter
FFT Analyzer
RTA Analyzer
Spectral View
LDN Meter
EBU Loudness
Surround Locator
LDN Server
EBU Integrated
LEQ Numeric
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Pinguin - Audio Multi Meter
To get some further information, you can take a look at the PG-AMM online manual.