You can find the latest Pinguin Audiometer products at IBC 2011 either on the booth of ORBAN EUROPE GmbH Hall 8.D93 or OE110, outside in the OBVan compound labeled "Broadcast Solutions"


Software Architect FRANK LICHTNER (right) & RALPH KESSLER show latest R128 recommendation at IBC 2010 in Amsterdam @ EBU booth.


PINGUIN Sound Crew for KOHAR Shows 24-26.9.2010 Beirut, Lebanon


The latest PGAMM release supports EBU R128 audio levelling recommendations. Florian Camerer reveils details of the brand new "R128" and demonstrates the first line of EBU loudness metering products in Amsterdam @ IBC 10. - 14.9.2010 at the EBU booth 10.D21.