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PG-AM Version 2.1 has 4 build in high quality 16bit instruments for audio applications.

    1. High resolution digital peak meter.
    2. Real-time audio spectrum analyzer.
    3. Correlation meter.
    4. Stereo monitor oscilloscope.
    5. Works with every standard sound card with 16bit and above.
    6. Each instrument sizable.
    7. Select orientation (vertical, horizontal) of PPM and Correlation meter.
    8. Save and restore up to 8 meter sets.
    9. User selectable thread priority.
    10.User selectable audio device.
    11.User selectable sample rate (44100Hz/48000Hz).


    Compared to regular PC based spectrum analyzers for measurement purposes we
    optimized this program for ergonomic usage and true real time audio monitoring

    (music can be fast),
    Main application: audio mixing and mastering

       (PG-AM is made by sound engineers !)

    - High resolution, full range frequency resolution:
       1/12 octave scaling of the frequency range,
       1024 values are mapped to 128 bands INCLUDING the very low end AND even DC
       (NOTE: WHITE NOISE is displayed FLAT in the spectrum analyzer, PINK NOISE NOT!)
    - Hard real-time (whatever it means in comparison to soft ... ;-),  
       anyway: we achieved no sensible latency effect between human ear and eye
    - No loss of transients (all short kick drums are represented !)
    - No averaging (which also slows down attack times), but true ultra fast attack time (1 sample),
       decay adjustable in 3 steps
    - ACCURATE: ONE full scale sample (16 bit: +32767 OR -32768) triggers and holds the Over display
       (numerical peak level readout gets red, holds it until clicked) (in german: "amtlich")
    - ergonomic 80 Hz screen update display, no flickering, smooth decay simulation of best analog PPM equipment

       So you can watch all day/night long without getting a headache !

    A digital PPM with 96db in following resolution;
    0.1db between 0db and -20db,
    0.2db between -20 and -40db,
    0.5db between -40 and -60db,
    1.0db between -60 and -70db,
    max. dig. res. -70db and -96db.

    3 decay times, bar peak hold, bar peak decay and alphanumeric peak readout.

2. Audio spectrum analyzer:
    A digital FFT with 96db in following resolution;
    0.2db between 0db and -70db,
    max. dig. res. -70db and -96db.

    3 decay times, bar peak hold, bar peak decay.
    7 window types for FFT.
    Input left, right, left + right and left - right.

3. Correlation meter:
    Shows the phase correlation between 2 audio channels.
    Standard -1 to +1 range.
    Scale also in degrees 0 to 180.
    Numerical readout for max. in phase and max. out phase.

4. Stereometer (Phase Scope)
    like a real scope, 45% rotated
    Shows phase correlation and stereo field width in a X-Y view.
    Selectable point size (large/small) for better readout on
    different window sizes and computer displays.
    Selectable duration of sample visibility (Visible points: 256/512/1024).
    Selectable count of drawn samples (any, any second, any fourth),
    to scale to slow CPU’s.

System requirements:

Windows95/98 , NT4.0.
16bit sound card.
Pentium 133,
recommended Pentium II 233.
16-32bit graphic card.

The demo version is restricted in following ways:
1. 30 Days Time out period.
2. The program will finish working after 3 minutes, then you have to restart it.
3. The program will not remember and restore settings.

You can register the software and turn the demo into a full featured version.
In order to do the registration we need the unique serial number, which is created during the first start
of PG-AM.exe. You'll find this number under 'About PG-AM...' in the help menu.
For fast registration, use the help menu point "How to register".

PINGUIN Ing.büro für Computersysteme und digitale Studiotechnik, Hamburg, Germany
in Cooperation with FRL Software, Frank Lichtner

(tip: use the help menu's www.... entry, which connects you immediately to us or to your favourite PG-AM distributor, in case you have a INTERNET browswer on board)

DOWNLOAD PG-AM 2.1 (1 MByte)

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