Auro Technologies

2006 - today: 3D Audio Research for Auro 3D®; AuroMatic®; AuroVerb®


2006 - today: active membership in technical working groups (SRG3, PLOUD)

IBC Convention 2012, Amsterdam & VDT Tonmeistertagung 2012

2012: loudness research, a technical poster

East West

2011: East West Quantum Leap Spaces & East West Sample Player Engine

McGill University, Wieslaw Woszczyk

2009: The Virtual Haydn Project (reverberation)

Audio Kinetic

2008: HDIR for convolution reverb in audio engine Wwise

Christian Knufinke

2005: SIR2: "audio-plugin to use for high quality reverberation"


2005: Wizooverb W2 & W5

Outcome of R&D for acoustical fingerprints

2005-2007: Pinguin HDIR Creator

Pinguin in-house R&D

2002-2005: optimized a method to create a whole library of HDIRs (high definition impulse responses)

2005: Results presented at the AES convention in Barcelona

Audio-Service GmbH

1999-2002: DAIS (PC Software for medium scale digital interconnection system) [review]


1998-2002: DVD Wizard (MultiScreen Sync Control PC software for industry DVD player)


1995-1996: "CDBaseNet" (networked database and rs232 control PC software for DENONs series of professonal CD changer systems)

TFM & Partner (german Chyron rep)

1996-1998: Subtitling software STLEDIT for ARTE, WDR etc.

1999: STIG tool for DVD subtitles

Harmonia Mundi Acustica GmbH

1994 - 1996: PDAE - Mastering Toolbox - Compilation Editor and CD Burn control software realised with Dr. Ben Bernfeld (support for several pro audio devices: SadiE, SONY 7050 DAT, Soundscape and a bunch of prof. realtime CD burning machines and DENON CD changers used e.g. by WDR for ultra fast CD compilation work)

Klotz Digital

1993-1994: Oaklink 2nd Generation Hardware, concept and realization, predecessor of modern VADIS, which is a large scale, modular digital digital audio processing and switching system

2001: customized VADIS rights management software for OMROEP BRABANT a netherland based broadcaster)


1988-1992: bw102 Pinguin system, which is still on sale
(Pinguin created the concept for the graphical user interface, the timecode automation and measurement tool box)

see the customer list of famous mastering studios

Excerpts from Weiss customers' reactions:

"The Penguin DSP from Daniel Weiss Engineering is the best investment we ever made in digital audio, after 4 years our customers are still equally excited about it as we are."
Paul Van der Jonckheyd, FOON Mastering Center, Belgium

"The Weiss 102 is an essential ingredient to Gateway Mastering Studios success. I don't know what I would do without it. From the Grammy award winning Sting album to the grunge of Nirvana and Pearl Jam, the 102 is my most used piece of gear".
Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering, Portland

Pre-Pinguin epoch:


1985-1988: R&D team manager; worked on networked virtual studio concepts and the legendary QRS/XL room simulator, a high end digital FX box for sound studios, Ralph Kessler created nearly all factory presets, a flexible, pc controlled DSP box was fairly innovative and its advantages hardly to communicate to pro audio people in these times

Studies: Electrical Engineering at the "Universität des Saarlandes", Saarbrücken

focus: sound and picture engineering, DSP, programming, measurement systems; worked as a freelancing sound engineer in several studios and live co-founded the rental company "Professional Light and Sound" for music stages