September 2012

Pinguin was responsible for the overall audio management and post production of "Mutter Krausen's Fahrt ins Glück" - broadcasted on November 20th, 2012 on ARTE TV.

ARTE restored the historical film and added a new film music. Pinguin was in charge of the live recording during presentation, sound design and post-production.

January 2012

On New Year's Eve 2011 Pinguin Ing. Büro for the first time recorded a whole concert in Auro-3D-format. Performed was a world premiere in the St. Michaelis church ("Hamburger Michel") for Prof. Wolf Kerschek's concerto for 3 trumpets, 4 organs and fireworks.

May 2011

Live-TV show recording and transmission for Armenian TV + Web.
Pinguin realized the audio-visual and technical project management together with Hayasa productions and brought the team of audio engineers for the live event.

September 2010

Pinguin was responsible for live sound and recordings at the huge show of the Armenian Orchestra KOHAR in September 2010 in Beirut, Lebanon.

January 2009

Pinguin trained the Syrian Radio Damascus in analyzing, digitizing, denoising and restaurating the audio archive (for example the whole work of the popular singer Feyrouz) on behalf of Ms Dr. Hanan Kassab-Hassan, director of the High Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus and secretary general of the festival Damascus: Cultural Capital of the Arab World in 2008.

October 2007

KOHAR, an Armenian symphony orchestra and choir, graced the US and Canada for the first time in an eight-city North American tour, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, Chicago, Boston, Toronto, Montreal and New York.
Pinguin compiled a team which was in charge for the complex FOH sound design and audio service on tour.

May 2006

The Pinguin audio team was responsible for the audio-technical realisation of the concert of Kohar, taking place 28th & 29th of April in 2006 in State Kremlin Palace, Moscow. Both concerts were a great success.

July 2002

Posthouse AG (now Optix Digital Pictures):
Acoustics consulting and construction, multi-format cinema - PA concept


Customized VADIS rights management software for OMROEP BRABANT, Netherland's broadcaster

July 1998

Pinguin manages a large scale project: design and realisation of mobile exhibition media techniques for a world wide ITF campaign.
The company realized a custom designed surround sound system, thelighting system, video installations (7 large scale video beamers), sound design, acoustics for speech and music and realized the interactive DVD for the Expo 2000.

1993 - 1994

Klotz Digital Oaklink 2nd Generation Hardware: concept and realization, predecessor of modern VADIS which is a modular digital digital audio processing and switching system


Weiss bw102 Pinguin system; Pinguin created the concept for the graphical user interface, the timecode automation, and the measurement tool box.

See: Weiss' customer list of famous mastering studios


Before he founded Pinguin Ing. Büro, Ralph Kessler worked from 1985-1988 on networked virtual studio concepts and the legendary QRS / XL room simulator, a high end digital FX box for sound studios. He created nearly all factory presets, a flexible, pc controlled DSP box was fairly innovative and its advantages hardly to communicate to pro audio people in these times