Project Management

With all of our audio and development know-how we can support your projects. We can advise you on how much money, what kind of equipment, which location, how much man power, and how much time you will need to accomplish your goal. Whenever you have to plan an event you have to bear in mind thousands of things - we will bolster and back you up.

However, Pinguin will not only guide you through the preparation stages. If required, we will also be there with practical assistance during your project.

3D Akustikprojektor

This mobile construction originated in the Pinguin Audio Laboratory. Its unique concept offers revolutionary new 3D listening experiences.

It is compliant with the ITU 5.1 loud speaker setting which is used by DTS® and Dolby®. On top of that it features an additional ring of loudspeakers for the height dimension according to the latest Aurophonie® and Auro-3D® specifications - the really full 3D experience.

All future 3D formats (e.g. DTS HD or next generation Dolby® for Blue-ray Discs) are also possible to monitor in this system. The AUROMATIC® process allows you to enjoy your existing 2.0 or 5.1 audio material in 3D.

Special attachments allow you to mount multiple graphic displays. Each installation comes ready-to-use with a customized software including proprietary algorithms for arbitrary room simulation.

The 3D AKUSTIKPROJEKTOR is also designed for exploring future 3D formats or for application in automobiles or cinemas.

HDIR - fingerprints

Pinguin is an outstanding manufactorer for high definition impulse responses. Some of the recordings are used in the established convolution reverb plugin SIR2.

Pinguin brings those high definition impulse response (HDIR) libraries for convolution reverbs to you. You can purchase them in our software shop.

Acoustically improve your room!

You send us an impulse response (IR) of your room and Pinguin can derive nearly all relevant acoustic parameters. This can be the basis for an expert acoustician to improve your room or studio.

Creating your IR is easy:
  • simply download the test signal (sweep) from our server
  • play it in your room over only one (take the left) speaker
  • record this signal with an omnidirectional microphone (good equipment would be useful)
  • repeat playing and recording with the other (take the right) speaker
  • optionally you can do a third recording with one microphone placed about 1 meter in front of one of the speakers in order to compensate the player/amp/speaker chain from the measurements
  • send your recordings to Pinguin for further processing and evaluation

Optionally we can deliver a set of valuable graphical representations of standardized (DIN EN ISO 3382) acoustical parameters. Together with some pictures of your space we even can offer further remote consulting or link to local acoustic experts in your region.


You plan to acoustically improve your room or studio? Why don't you document the progress? The Posthouse AG (now Optix Digital Pictures) for example commissioned Pinguin Ing. Büro to manage the project, the acoustical optimization and the speaker setup for one of their studios.

Here you can see and hear the construction process: Building 'The Posthouse AG' studio .
We call this service "auralisation".

If you have any questions: call us or send us an email: projectsmasterpinguinde