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PG-AMM-Lite Version 3.1

Use this package as a fully working 14 day DEMO software to test your hardware compatibility. It also shows your Hardware ID which is needed for instant activation of all our products.



Small tool to get your HARDWARE ID. This ID is a special PINGUIN generated fingerprint of your machine which allows us to activate your product permanently on your machine without a dongle or hardware key. It is valid for all PINGUIN product activation codes, independant of your store and independant of the product. The Hardware ID and the product activation code will allow you to create a so called "licence file" and sent this instantly to your email adress. It replaces our former copy protection (PINGUIN dongle) completely. The fomer dongle is still supported in latest versions. Contact us or the dealer of your choice if you are still interested in a PINGUIN dongle.



The LdnServer is a 365/24 permanent logger and viewer for time stamped Loudness data in a networked environment. The service is not useful when not feed by a "Loudness Client" like PGAMM Stereo+ (or other hard- or software products from partners like Stagetec, Grimm and others). It used to be one of the main features of the PGAMM's Enterprise Edition and is now part of the affordable PGAMM Stereo and Surround bundles. This download is complimentary for existing PGAMM version 2.x Stereo/Surround/Postpro customers!


Version 2.0 Downloads (old)

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