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  • Turns every MAC or PC equipped with a reasonable sound card into a professional, eye friendly, standalone audio metering device.
  • Supports MME, ASIO, WASAPI on PC and CoreAudio on MAC.
  • 6 different tools , user defined workspaces.
  • Up to 6 instruments in any combination can be used in one workspace.
  • Made for: Music Mastering (CD, DVD-Video, SACD, Blue Ray).
  • Standards: VU, QPPM, SPPM.
  • PPM, LDN Meter, FFT, Goniometer, Correlation and Multi Frequency Correlation.
  • PPM with Katz scales.
  • PGAMMWire plugin. The wire plugin provides a way to send up to 32 channels signals from a host DAW to PG-AMM-Lite without using your sound card inputs. It is available as VST, RTAS and AU.
  • All instruments a scaleable and can be maximized.
  1. PPM Meter
  2. 128 Bands FFT
  3. Correlation
  4. Loudness Meter
  5. Gonio Meter
  6. Multi Frequency Correlation

You can download a 14 days demo to see how it fits your needs.

Price 199.00€ (incl. 19% VAT)