new release: Pinguin Audio Multi Meter

We released the new versions of our Pinguin Audio Multi Meter which replaces the old PC only software. Orders will be processed as allways: fast and reliable!
For more information look at the price list and the download page in our software section.

AES exhibition in London

Pinguin presents its products at the booth of Weiss Engineers Ltd.

The Picture to the left shows Daniel and Ralph.
Also on show: first amazing listening experiences in Auro-3D format (demo room of Auro Technologies Ltd. - presented by Wilfried van Baelen. Find more details in

KOHAR - symphonic recording

Pinguin was responsible for live sound and recordings at the huge show of the Armenian Orchestra KOHAR in September 2010 in Beirut, Lebanon.
The picture to the left shows the sound crew.

IBC 2010 - EBU R128

Software architects Frank Lichtner (to the right) & Ralph Kessler show latest R128 recommendation at IBC 2010 in Amsterdam (@ EBU booth).

Audio Meters support EBU R128

The latest Pinguin Audio Meters release supports EBU R128 audio levelling recommendations.
Florian Camerer reveals details of the brand new "R128" and demonstrates the first line of EBU loudness metering products in Amsterdam @ IBC 10. (September 14th, 2010 at the EBU booth 10.D21).
Read more in our latest press releases: english // german

pro light & sound - Vivace system

Stagetec Prosound & Pinguin - cooperation.
Experience Stagetec's Vivace System in 3D at booth D45 in Hall 9.
Click on the picture to learn more.

Also on show is Pinguin's latest EBU loudness meter draft, as well as the brand new Pinguin Audio Meters surround and enterprise packages for MAC and PC (see software section).

VDT exhibition

Mastering quality or quality mastering? A workshop @ VDT Symposium.
Darcy Proper & Ralph Kessler mastering is the last stage in an audio production where the final "polish" is put on the sound and the material is melt into a format that is technically acceptable for the manufacture.
It's not only about "What makes a track sound its best"; the current trend asks for "What makes a track sound the loudest."

Ralph Kessler (Echo-Award) has invited the multiple Grammy-Award-winning mastering engineer Darcy Proper to join him in an expert dialogue in which they will attempt to dispel some of the myths that justify this "loudness quest" with some examples and an open discussion about how to reach this current state of affairs in the mastering world. They'll also talk about responsibility and customer psychology in order to preserve at least an acceptable range of "quality" parameters for the final medium.

Pinguin over NYC

Pinguin premiers its brand new Audio Multi Meters on a MAC OSX at the AES exhibition 2009 in New York.

Find us at booth 751 (Weiss Engineering)

Hi-End Gear exhibition in Hamburg

Dear Friends, we would like to invite you to visit Hamburg for the unique HI-END-GEAR exhibition in September 2009 (Kampnagel, Hamburg) This is a very special european event for musical producers and sound oriented people with a strong passion for highest quality equipment and unique music production methods.
We exhibit our new range of software based audio meters, reverb plugins, and our latest R&D works for creating 3D-Audio including the mobile 3D-sound installation structure "3D PINGUIN AKUSTIK SIMULATOR".

Pro Light & Sound exhibtion 2009 - live show

3D sound artist Jens Fischer plays unreleased material live at the PINGUIN booth Hall 8.0 G13 in the new Pinguin 3D Akustikprojektor.

Pro Light & Sound exhibtion 2009 - 3D Akustikprojektor

Pinguin exhibits its latest developments in "professional levelling for radio, TV, media" at the Musikmesse Frankfurt in April 2009. The company presents their brand new, revolutionary installation: the Pinguin 3D Akustikprojektor.
Furthermore you can talk to Mr. Kessler personally about topics in the areas 3D room simulation and advanced loudness metering on all 4 days of the show.

Pinguin in Damscus

Pinguin trained the Syrian Radio Damascus in analyzing, digitizing, denoising and restaurating the audio archive (for example the whole work of the popular singer Feyrouz) on behalf of Ms Dr. Hanan Kassab-Hassan, director of the High Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus and secretary general of the festival Damascus: Cultural Capital of the Arab World in 2008.

Read the interview with Ms Dr. Hanan Kassab-Hassan.

research & development

A word from Lars, one of our bachelor cand.: Ladies and gentlemen, we are carrying out a survey on loudness and distortion as part of a scientific research project. We would like to invite you to participate!
You will find the survey under the following link: (outdated now).
The survey takes about 5 to 8 minutes to complete and does not require any prior knowledge of audio engineering! Anyone can participate. Since the survey deals with sound quality, it would be ideal if you used studio monitors or good headphones (this includes in-ear headphones) You can still take part even if you do not have any of the equipment listed above at your disposal - you also have the possibility of naming the audio system you used.

Note: Sometimes there is a tendency of trying too hard when completing a task. With a task like "spot he difference!" this can lead you tu finding differences that may not actually exist. This survey is NOT a test of your performance or hearing ability... If you cannot spot any differences or decide which example is better, feel free to say: "There are no differences!"

Thank you very much for your participation!
Lars Ohlendorf

AES exhibition 2008 in Amsterdam

Pinguin displays their latest versions of professional stereo and surround metering software for Audio-PCs. Latest topic is the implementation of various standards for measuring perceived loudness (LEQ,ITU,IRT, etc).
On top of that a logging server application is shown - useful for broadcasters who want to log and investigate several program streams over longer time periods. Also on display is the latest HDIR Creator software for getting very high resolution acoustical fingerprints from arbitrary rooms in order to build libraries for convolution reverbs. One HDIR library is implemented in the new Powerhouse from Weiss Engineering in full resolution.

KOHAR orchestra

KOHAR, an internationally acclaimed symphony orchestra and choir based in Gyumri, Armenia, will grace the US and Canada for the first time in an eight-city North American tour, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, Chicago, Boston, Toronto, Montreal and New York.

Pinguin compiled a team which is in charge for the complex FOH sound design and audio service on tour.

AES 2007

Pinguin at the AES Vienna.
We demonstrate the latest developments: 2 current product ranges:

1. For the first time the new software "HDIR Creator" - which is designed to create multidimensional "acoustical fingerprints" for arbitrary convolution reverb engines, so called "High Definition Impulse Responses" - exports to a 75- 150 channel HDIR for the dedicated DSP hardware Powerhouse, specially made by Weiss Engineering for running 25 channels of convolution reverb with ultra low latency. "Natural Surround Imaging" in real time is only one of the applications beneath natural reverberation for up to 8 decorrelated channels.

2. The well established PC software "Pinguin Audio Meter" which turns any old or new Windows PC into a swiss knife consisting of all standard metering tools an audio engineer in CD/DVD mastering or broadcasting needs. Especially the surround version has a bunch of new loudness methods which are under consideration for coming standards or recommendations (Germanies IRT, ITU For Details see also the loudness tutorial saturday afternoon.

Tonmeistertagung 2006 in Leipzig (VDT)

Find us at the booth of for-tune - our German distributor.

mastering for Michael Bolton CD

International superstar Michael Bolton has taken on another extraordinary challenge with Bolton Swings Sinatra.
The CD produced by Alex Christensen with Al Schmitt @ Capitol Studios, L.A. and mastered by Pinguin (masterpinguin) is slated for release May 23 from Passion Music Co./Concord Records.

The collection finds him singing classics like "New York, New York," "Night and Day," "My Funny Valentine," "Fly Me to the Moon," "Girl From Ipanema" and "That's Life," and bringing in special guest Nicollette Sheridan for a duet on "The Second Time Around." Also visit

KOHAR orchestra in Moscow

The Pinguin audio team was responsible for the audio-technical realisation of the concert of Kohar, taking place 28th & 29th of April in 2006 in State Kremlin Palace, Moscow. Both concerts were a great success.

nomination for best engineered album

The legendary recording engineer Al Schmitt and the whole creative and technical team around producer Alex Christensen (KingSize Records) were responsible for the creation of the album "ROCK SWINGS" by Paul Anka. (VERVE & Sony-BMG)
Since December 2005 it is known that this innovative fusion product is one of Grammy Awards (2006) nominees for "production (non-classical)" and for "best engineered album (non-classical)".

Pinguin is proud of being part of that team and wishes all the best.

newsletter May 2005

Pinguin Newsletter May 2005. Click the image to get the PDF.

CD mastering for Paul Anka

Pinguin (Ralph Kessler) mastered the Paul Anka CD Rock Swings.
14 rock classic songs presented with a great bigband.

CD mastering for Wacken

Mastering the Armageddon over Wacken (AOW) 2004 CD and DVD.
Ralph Kessler and Christian Jungebluth mastered the triple CD and the DVD with over 300 minutes surround sound. Check out!

Surround Sound Forum

On 3rd and 4th of February 2005 Ralph Kessler will present the results of his research in auralisation and the making of high definition impulse responses (HDIR) by giving an insight in the future of room simulation plugins and hardware. You can join an acoustical tour experiencing the finest concert halls, churches etc. of Berlin and Hamburg.

The SURROUND SOUND FORUM will take place:
Gastwerk Hotel, Hamburg
3./4. of february 2005

article in Production Partner

The German Production Partner magazine 1/2005 is reporting about the AcousticsOnDemand Service of Pinguin. Pinguin can optimize your room acoustics without travelling to your location.

research & development, Tonmeistertagung

Find our invitation to our technology demonstration at the Tonmeistertagung in Leipzig (for-tune booth) by clicking on the picture.

CD mastering

Lars Ratz, Christian Jungebluth and Pinguin mastered a very exciting, fresh and promising japanese metal act - Saeko.

Title: "Saeko - Above Heaven / Below Heaven"
release date: August 23rd, 2004

new products

Pinguin releases its new Audio Meter version 4.5 (stereo).

The stereoscope has a new "line mode" with adjustable persistence for a more vintage look (openGL graphic card required).
Furthermore we added a spectrometer that allows the display of frequency changes over time!

Registered users can download the latest version on our software section as a free upgrade...

AES exhibition

Pinguin exhibits the latest line of PC based metering software which fullfills several old and new leveling and loudness standards for broadcasting. At the booth (4521) any visitor is invited to participate in a subjective listening test concerning loudness in different TV channels. Also on show is a "sneak prelisten" of a library of "acoustic fingerprints" of famous rooms in Berlin. Some of them are highlights of the technical tour plan at this AES show.

KOHAR - CD/DVD production

Pinguin took care of the CD/DVD production for KOHAR "All Time Armenian Favourites". This is a very special collection of Armenian music and a cross-section of Armenian music history.

The DVD and triple CD set will be available in February '04 at

Chrismon - article

Germanys Chrismon magazin published an interesting report on sound presure levels in differnt places that are supposed to be "silent" in its 12/2003 issue. The report features an interview with Ralph Kessler (german)...

CD Mastering

Ensemble Modern's new release "Greggery Peccary And Other Persuasions" mastered by Pinguin...

research & development

Pinguin is presenting the results of long term research and development for loudness measurements and standardisation in radio/TV broadcast on Stagetecs Audioseminar 2003, Banz.

research & development

Pinguin Surround Meter is integrated in the new API Vision mixing console installed at the Galaxy Studios, Belgium and also shown at 115th AES in New York.

Unfortunately the cover picture of Germanys "Studio Magazin" issue 09/2003 is a little overexposed - otherwise you could see our Surround Meter shining on the main screen of the console!

CD mastering for Howard Carpendale (part 2)

Howard Carpendale - "Der richtige Moment"
mastered by Pinguin...

CD mastering for Howard Carpendale (part 1)

Howard Carpendale - "Ti Amo"
mastered by Pinguin...

CD production

Pinguin recorded, edited, mixed and mastered Zabriskie Point's album "Mantra"...

CD mastering for Nena

Nena - "feat. Nena" was mastered by Ralph Kessler in the Pinguin studio...
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