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Audio Multimeter - Pro Version - Optional Features

You can buy addons for the Pro version:

EBU-Integrated Meter (numeric)

The "EBU Integrated" is a loudness meter according to EBU R-128 which displays "Loudness Range" (LRA), integrated (EBU-I) and short-term loudness (EBU-S) numerically. EBU-I and EBU-S values are shown as LU or LUFS (switchable). The meter's record function allows to do a longtime measurement, even for several days. Move the cursor over the display for information about the displayed values.

When the meter is turned on, short-term loudness (EBU-S) is always displayed, no matter whether the longtime measurement is running or not.

Pressing the play button starts the longtime measurement. Pressing it again will stop the measurement and the LRA and EBU-I values will be displayed in green color. If you wish to interrupt the measurement, press the pause button. Press it again to continue the measurement. During measurement or during an interruption of the measurement, LRA values are displayed in orange, EBU-I values in yellow. When measurement is stopped, these values will be displayed in green color. The duration (hh:mm:ss) of the measurement is displayed at the bottom right of the meter. Date and time of the measurement's beginning and end are shown at the bottom left of the meter.

The "Loudness Range" is displayed in LU. The higher the variation of the loudness measurement is, the larger the LRA value will be. Thus, the LRA value gives an indication on how much dynamic compression has been or has to be applied to the incoming audio signal. Highly-dynamic material might have a LRA value of approximately 20 LU, for example.

LEQ-Numeric Meter

The LEQ Numeric is a meter that allows you to perform loudness measurements using different weighting curves. LEQ expresses the energy equivalent sound level. By default, -20 dBFS RMS is equivalent to 85 dB(A) SPL. Sound pressure levels and full scale level are displayed numerically, as well as the duration (hh:mm:ss) of the measurement.

When the meter is turned on, the momentary sound pressure level of the input signal is constantly displayed in the top left field of the meter. A long-term measurement is started by pressing the play button. The duration of the measurement is shown in the duration window. Pressing the play button again stops the measurement. The loudness measurement is performed according to the weighting curve displayed in the drop-down menu of the meter. It lets you choose between five different curves: LEQ(flat), LEQ(a), LEQ(m) Dolby DD, LEQ(m) Dolby SR, LEQ(RLB2)ITU. The result of the long-term measurement is displayed in the top right field of the meter. The value is shown in yellow during measurement – when measurement is stopped, the value is displayed in green. Pressing play again starts a new measurement, and the duration display starts from zero again.

If a long-term measurement has been made, the date and time of it's beginning and ending ("Start" and "Stop") are displayed. At the bottom of the LEQ Numeric, you can calibrate the meter. By default, -20 dBFS RMS is equivalent to 85 dB(A)/SPL. This value can be changed from 40 up to 100 in steps of one dB.

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