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Audio Multimeter - Pro Version

The Pro version is the best choice for engineers who want to work comfortably without getting fatigue. It is a tool box including 16 different accurate measuring tools (see details).
The USB dongle enables you to use your software license on different computers.

All meters are displayed flicker-free (ergonomic high-frequency) and can be positioned freely on your screen(s) (you can save those positions in so called "work spaces").

There are different versions available:

  • the Stereo version (max. 8 out of 14 included instruments running at once)

  • the Surround version (also max. 8 instruments)

  • two optional features as addon (EBU Integrated, LEQ Numeric)

  • the Stereo & Surround bundle containing both versions plus the
    EBU Integrated

  • the Post-Production Bundle containing:
    • Stereo Version
    • Surround Version
    • Loudness Normalizer
    • EBU Integrated

  • the Enterprise Bundle containing both: stereo and surround (max. 20 instruments at once), and these 4 extra features:
    • Loudness Server
    • Loudness Viewer
    • Loudness Logging (4x license)
    • EBU Integrated
    • LEQ Numeric

  • feel free to contact us for multi-license or special custom bundles

The Pro version comes with these instruments (see details on the details page):

  • PPM (either stereo or 5.1): High Resolution Digital Peak Meter
  • Correlation Meter
  • Gonio Meter
  • FFT Analyzer
  • RTA: Real Time Analyzer
  • Spectral View
  • Loudness Meter
  • EBU Loudness Meter
  • Surround Locator (only part of the surround version)