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HDIR Creator

Create your own high definition surround impulse responses!

Pinguin HDIR-Creator is a HiRes measurement program (up to 24Bit/96kHz) for room-impulse-responses including comfortable editing and export functions.

Experience HDIR-Creator as the central tool for creating a unique primary reverb in the studio:
The Pinguin HDIR-Creator is the technological basis of Pinguin's high definition imaging system. The software was developed as a dedicated tool for measuring room-impulse-responses with standard studio technology yielding a sonic quality that audibly exceeds present state-of-the-art studio technology and offers a flexibility not seen before. This was made possible by means of special measurement methods and processing algorithms, which are only limited by the theoretical resolution of the A/D-converters used for the measurements (e.g. 144dB dynamic range for a 24Bit-converter). Real-life measurements reach and exceed 120dB dynamic range.

This way, you can take an acoustic fingerprint of your preferred room for using it in your convolution reverb system. This is especially interesting e.g. for theaters or concert halls - they can now produce studio recordings in stereo and surround with the roomacoustical perceptive qualities of the original venue but without the annoying background noise of a live-recording.

Pinguin's HDIR-Creator-Software uses regular high-quality studio microphones and loudspeakers for data acquisition. The software was especially developed to support regular studio type working schemes, therefore familiarization time is exceptionally short for sound engineers.

HDIR-Creator even allows the replication of the directional characteristics of soloists and instruments as well as a directionally selective weighting of early reflections by means of continued mixing different loudspeaker orientations. There is also the possibility to post-process measured room-impulse-responses to change their sonic properties. The editor of the Pinguin HDIR-Creator allows editing the measured room-impulse-responses as needed. Direct sound and early reflections can be tagged and the reverb tail can be adjusted to a desired length and decay type.

HDIR Creator versions:

HDIR-Creator light: Software for HDIR-Generation (max. 2 Ch., max. sampling rate 48kHz)
HDIR-Creator S: Software for HDIR-Generation (max. 5 Ch., max. sampling rate 48kHz)
HDIR-Creator Pro: Software for HDIR-Generation (max. 8 Ch., max. sampling rate 96kHz)

HDIR libraries:

(for OEM customers only)
HDIR-Library light: HDIR-Library with more than 70 HDIR-Room-Impulse-Responses in true-stereo
HDIR-Library Pro: HDIR-Library with more than 70 HDIR-Room-Impulse-Responses in 5.0-surround


We offer you: HDIR-Creator training and HDIR-Generation as an on-site service, including data acquisition and post-processing for your convolution reverb system and target format.