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HDIR Libraries

Pinguin offers libraries of HDIRs (high definition impulse responses), also called "acoustical fingerprints". OEM customers can easily integrate them into their virtual acoustic products. The tools which are necessary to create those HDIRs can be purchased separately.

Click here to visit the Book of Opinions to see what experts think about Pinguin's impulse responses (HDIRs).
These opinions were captured at the 116th AES convention in Berlin.

Some examples for the use of Pinguin HDIRs:

East West (Quantum Leap Space
& Sample Player Engine)


Wizooverb W5

Watch and listen to this video ("Pinguin Acoustical Tour") with
sound-examples for Pinguin HDIRs to get an impression:

HDIR library versions:

(for OEM customers only)

HDIR-Library light:
HDIR-Library with more than 70 HDIR-Room-Impulse-Responses in true-stereo

HDIR-Library Pro:
HDIR-Library with more than 70 HDIR-Room-Impulse-Responses in 5.0-surround

HDIR-Library customized:
Please contact us to get a quotation.


We offer HDIR-Creator training and HDIR-Generation as an on-site service, including data acquisition and post-processing for your convolution reverb system and target format.