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Pinguin Software - Overview

Our customers are broadcasters, film, music, and mastering studios.

The Pinguin Audio Meter Pro version is available in stereo or surround.
Moreover you can purchase several selected bundles.

Pinguin offers special libraries of HDIRs (high definition impulse responses), also called "acoustical fingerprints". OEM customers can easily integrate them into their virtual acoustic products. The tools which are necessary to create those HDIRs can be purchased separately.

To find the prices and for ordering software visit our: shop.

Here is an overview of the different versions & bundles:

Entry Stereo Surround Post-Pro
max. Instrumente 4 88 8 20
Mac compatible no yes yes yes yes
Dongle required no yes yes yes yes
PPM Meter yes yesno yes yes
PPM 5.1 no noyes yes yes
PPM8 no nono no yes
Correlation Meter yes yesyes yes yes
Gonio Meter yes yesno yes yes
FFT Analyzer yes yesno yes yes
Real Time Analyzer no yesyes yes yes
Spectral View no yesno yes yes
LDN Meter no yesyes yes yes
EBU Loudness no yesyes yes yes
Surround Locator no noyes yes yes
LDN Server no nono no yes
LDN Viewer no nono no yes
LDN Logging no nono no 4 sources

LDN Normalizer no no no yes no

EBU Integrated no nono yes yes
LEQ Numeric no nono no yes